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“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

Joseph Pilates

"So I'm stood there in a room mainly full of women and I'm nervous. I'm usually the one out front. I'm not used to being part of the class. I'm certainly not used to Pilates.This was last night.

I was taking part in my first Pilates class with Jan Bryce. I was of the opinion that stretching classes were boring.That you don't get a really good workout. And that it's a class you take if you want to take it easy. How wrong was I!!!

I left feeling that I'd worked and lengthened every muscle. Particularly my hamstrings and abdominals. Jan was really good at putting us all at ease ad explaining the exercises. Out of 12 in the class 10 of us had never been to Pilates before. I will certainly be going again. This morning my legs didn't feel as tight as they usually do. I had a spring in my step. So if I can be converted from a non-believer then you can too.

Pilates helps with your posture, your core work, and with  your flexibility. All areas that are so important in all sport and exercise. If you have never considered it before why not give it a go? Classes are suitable for all ability levels-male and females. So try something different next week. Stretch yourself. You might find you enjoy it like I did!"
Richard Dillon
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 "I have a couple of medical problems with my neck and spine and the session I do is tailored made for those with skeletal and medical problems.  I just can't begin to express the changes I have notIced already in my flexibility and general well being and my pain levels have reduced. (This is after just 10 sessions).  I have just spent 4 days on a narrowboat.  My immediate reaction on seeing the steep steps into the cabin was "I'm going to struggle".  In the past I know I would, but not now. I was bounding down the steps, working the tiller for hours a day and jumping of and on the boat like a young 'un.  Please don't let medical problems put you off trying this class. Thanks Jan." 
Dudley Otley

“Jan is passionate about Pilates and it shows in each lesson.   I now know how to control tension in my shoulders, which muscles to stretch out to alleviate back pain.  The sessions are very informative and its not just what I learn in class but how I use it in my everyday activities that have improved my overall health”
Sally R
“After suffering with lower back pain and sciatica for a number of years I decided to give Pilates a try.  I had a few private sessions with Jan at home as I was undecided and in pain and didn’t know if I would be able to do it.  I was eventually able to join the class.   Jan is a brilliant instructor.  I have now been going to class well for over two years and am now a lot more flexible and conscious of my posture, so I would say, based on my experience I can highly recommend Jan as an instructor – wish I had done Pilates years ago”
Lyn Garner
“Following retirement I decided to take up a gentle form of exercise and booked in with Jan and have never looked back. I now find its the highlight of my week.  I feel so much more toned, flexible and pain free – Jan instructs in a clear and precise and easy to follow way.  I thoroughly enjoy my weekly classes”
“I came to pilates for the physical benefits as I spend much of the day hunched over a computer.  It wasn’t long before I could touch my toes for the first time in 40 years but it was the mental benefits which surprised me as I leave the class feeling relaxed and energized”.
Phillipa T
“Pilates has significantly improved my core strength – as noted by the nurse at my last smear test!”

“My flexibility has improved, my body is toned, my posture is great and my golf has improved immensely”
Pam G

Hurray for pilates – better posture, better sleep, better sex!  Won’t ever stop classes
Sarah H

“Over several years I’ve been to many physios, osteopaths and doctors appointments and decided to give pilates a go.  Can’t believe how  much better I feel and how pain free I feel after years of putting up with niggling twinges to sharp lower back pain I don’t get any of these symptoms anymore nor do I have the odd ‘accident’ when sneezing due to my improved pelvic floor muscles.  Can’t recommend Pilates enough.    Jan’s full of advise and encouragement – there’s always something new to learn each week”. 

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